Interior concept for a contemporary, functional and most of all, comfortable home with its own identity – multifunctional open zone comprising of a living area, kitchen and a dining zone together with a bedroom and a kids room. Warmth, coziness, airiness and freshness in a play of influences – Scandinavian, retro, classical, artistic. Fine blending of natural hues, dominant white, light wooden texture, color accents without strong contrasts, geometric motifs that gives the feeling of serenity and safeness – an atmosphere that subtly detaches you from the everyday work and harmonically builds up the contemporary look of the home. Simplicity in the forms traced in carefully chosen objects with character and functional use. Materials and textures that flow from one room to another and pull the whole space together. Textile and greenery that bring up cheerfulness. Lighting fixtures and accessories with added value, accentuating on the overall look.

Design: Desislava Lazarova

Sevlievo, 2020