I am Desi – interior designer and an artist, founder of Dsign.

I approach every project with dedication, inspiration and responsibility. I like immersing in my work and seek true satisfaction in the way I recreate my clients’ preferences, applying all my experience. My main work principle – to follow patiently the development of the idea to its final stage. Thus, I achieve the most aesthetically proven and functional solution of the project that stands out with its individuality and attention to detail.

What can I do for you:

  • I will find the most appropriate functional solution.
  • I will offer you variants.
  • I will save you precious time, efforts and expenses.
  • I will help you in the realization of your project.

What are my strengths:

  • To blend the interior in the context of your requirements.
  • To create a space with well-framed concept focusing on every detail.
  • To communicate efficiently with you and build on your ideas.

I am currently: